Student Lute

These instruments are predominantly hand made in small quantities in our workshops in Hamburg, Germany.

We prefer to use European woods with exception of the fingerboard. The Student lute fingerboard is made from ebony. In terms of its qualities there is no substitute.
Our woods are carefully stored, well dried , graded and selected for each student lute.
A Pizzico´s master luthiers (maestri liutai) Barbara Ferloni and Kai Schupp have developed this instruments using historical sources together with their own extensive experience in instrument building. The result is; a simple, well proportioned good sounding easy playable instrument.

The Student lute`s low price is the result of cost savings won in the manufacture process together with the exclusion of ornamentation or perfect wood appearance.
This in no way sacrifices the quality of sound, tone, structural integrity or good craftmanship.

Rose model 8 courses                                                10 courses

Renaissance lute 6-7-8-10 courses

Stringth length: from 58 to 63 cm..

Fingerboard: Ebony with 8 gut-frets
Soundboard: Alpine spruce with carved sound hole rose
Back-body: 11 ribs
Body, neck and peg box: maple, beech or fruit woods
Wooden tuning pegs
Finish: oil and wax.


Renaissance lute „Student“ 6-7 courses


Back: Cherry
Neck: Maple


Back: Cherry
Neck: Waldnut


Back: Maple
Neck: Ash-wood



Renaissance lute „Student“ 8 courses


Back: Cherry
Neck: Ash

Back: Cherry
Neck: Maple
Back: Maple
Neck: Beech
Back: Pear/maple
Neck: Maple

  Renaissance lute „Student“ 10 courses

Option: ebony purfling around soundboard


Back: pear/maple
Neck: pear


Back: Cherry
Neck: Ash


Prices : (including 19% VAT)
• 6 courses lute €1,700.00
• 7 courses lute €1,800.00
• 8 courses lute €1,900.00
• 10 courses version €2,090.00
• Option, Gut-strings €89.00
•Ebony purfling: €150.00
•Gigbag: €100.00
•Hardcase: €270.00

Retailer and distributor, prices on request